Schedule Updates

Below all changes concerning Talks or Posters are listed.


  • Withdrawal of 9-4, (Tuesday, 9, Lecture Hall 2nd Floor, 17:00–17:15) "The Fitting conditions of HfO2 Nano-film Thickness Reliable Measurement by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry"
  • Withdrawal of 3b-2, (Monday, 3b, Lecture Hall 1st Floor, 15:45–16:00) "Quasi-Optical   THz Ellipsometer"
  • Withdrawal of 3a-4, (Monday, 3a, Lecture Hall 2nd Floor, 16:15–16:30) "Influence of the instrumental function on the analysis of the liquid crystal dynamics for use in space instrumentation"
  • Hans Arwin will present: " Study of optical modes in the cuticle structure of Chrysina beetles" (talk 4a-2, Monday, Lecture Hall 2nd Floor, 17:45–18:00)
  • The talk by LOT-QuantumDesign GmbH (Tuesday, Lecture Hall 2nd Floor, 14:40–14:50) will not take place. Proceedings Chair Andreas Hertwig will give informations about the proceedings instead.



  • Abstract for 18-54 "Ellipsometry of surface layers on an 1-kg sphere from natural silicon" on page 344 is wrong.
  • Withdrawal of 10-25, (Tuesday, Foyer, 18:00–20:30) "Sample-cloning Ellipsometry with 2N-fold Increased Accuracy"
  • Withdrawal of 10-26, (Tuesday, Foyer, 18:00–20:30) "Single-element Two-position Stationary-polarizer (SET PSP) Ellipsometry and Reflectometry"
  • Withdrawal of 18-76, (Thursday, Foyer, 18:00–20:30) "Single- and Multiple-angle Transmission Ellipsometry"
  • Withdrawal of 18-77, (Thursday, Foyer, 18:00–20:30) "Two-sample Ellipsometry"
  • Withdrawal of 18-65, (Thursday, Foyer, 18:00–20:30) "Diffraction grating profile reconstruction using sample-rotation Mueller matrix spectroscopic ellipsometry"
  • 18-14 (Thursday, Foyer, 18:00–20:30) "Dielectric Function of Interband Plasmonic Bismuth from the Far-infrared to the Near-ultraviolet" will be shown as 10-99 on Tuesday (Foyer, 18:00–20:30)
  • Oriol Arteaga will present 10-64 (Tuesday, Foyer, 18:00–20:30) "Fabrication defects induced chirality of planar plasmonic nanostructures"
  • Withdrawal of 18-23 (Thursday, Foyer, 18:00–20:30) "Dielectric and Optical Properties of Low Temperature Grown Un-doped and Zr-doped BaSrTiO3 Thin Films"
  • Withdrawal of 18-24, (Thursday, Foyer, 18:00–20:30) "Low Temperature Grown Un-doped and Zr-doped SrTiO3 Thin Films and their Microstructure, Optical and Electrical Properties"